Sunday, March 18, 2012

Whistle-Stop Apple Crisp

All my life, I've been a dreamer. It usually starts out with something I'm doing or watching or reading and I just start dreaming from there. If I'm cooking or baking something, I picture myself owning my own little deli or bakery in a small town. People saying things like "Tina's cupcakes are to die for!" or "Have you tried Tina's place? Her food is wonderful!". Or, I could be totally into a series of movies or books and dreaming of that... When I started watching the Fast and Furious franchise, I always pictured myself living the sly life in Mexico. Maybe even running into Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in hopes of them asking me to join their crew. Lately, I've been reading and watching The Twilight Saga. So, basically, I'm dreaming of tall, dark and handsome Vampires that ooze sex! No worries, my husband knows all about it. TEAM EDWARD!!!

Anyhoo, yesterday, my husband and I were shopping at the local Farmers' Market shopping for weekend treats. Store-made potato salad, locally grown produce, whatever... My husband came across this box of Whistle-Stop Apple Crisp and asked me if I'd make it. I immediately thought of Idgy in Fried Green Tomatoes! DUUHHH!!! Of course, I'd make it!!!

It was so easy! I love it when I find something so yummy and it's such a breeze to make because the box provides everything for you! All I needed was 4 apples and 5 tablespoons of melted butter. It came with the crumb mix and... VOILA!!!! It was like eating apple pie without all the time and work that goes into it.

I know you're probably thinking to yourself "why is she showcasing a box of Apple Crisp mix on her blog?". Well, this is why...
  1. Not everything can be homemade, right? Well, if you ever come across this mix, buy it! It's so worth it. Passing along a good brand name is just as good as passing along a homemade recipe from your grandmother. Plus, they have COOKBOOKS!!! (Whistle-Stop Cafe Online Store) And...
  2. I spent the weekend making lots of yummy food (from a box AND from scratch) and I thought this would be a good way to get myself back into blogging. By starting off on something easy. Trust me - there's more to come!


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  1. you know how they now sell muffin tops, so people don't have to bother eating the un-delicious part of a muffin? they (whoever "they" are) should also start selling apple crisp tops, so people like me who could live off the buttery, sugary, crumbly stuff wouldn't have to be bothered picking out the apples. :) i am a streusel whore.



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