Monday, December 12, 2011

A Quick Tour of SantaMeg's Workshop

Christmas is definitely in full swing and the projects have started - sorry these are iPhone photos - I couldn't slow down long enough to get out the real camera, but I hope you enjoy the tour!

 Here's where the treats happen...

 The chocolate dipping station...PS, if you don't have a Wilton Chocolate Pro and you do any dipped candies, run don't walk to the nearest Michaels next time you have the 40% off coupon and BUY IT!  It makes dipped candies so easy, it melts the chocolate and keeps it at a perfect temperature for hours without burning or scorching.

 The packaging station - because treats are as only as good as they look!

 The dipping begins...

 And what workshop would be complete without a tree...

or two...

Thank you for peeking at my workshop, I hope your holiday projects are in full swing!


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