Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Resolution Or Two... Or Three!

At the moment, I'm sitting in my kitchen watching Giada on the DVR and thinking about the upcoming New Year (I'm obsessed with cooking shows so much that I record them to watch later. Giada and Ina Garten are my faves!!!!).

In my last post, I told you that I totally failed at Christmas 2011. It was a huge "Tina Disaster". Meaning, I only had myself to blame...

(Side note: When you fail at Christmas, it turns out it the clean-up is much quicker and easier. I'm already finished cleaning it up and Christmas is now officially behind me. Now, I'm concerned with what lies ahead.)

Most of my life, I've been a disorganized mess. If you ever watched the show Friends, there was this one episode where Chandler and Monica had moved in together and she had the mysterious closet that wouldn't open. When Chandler finally got it open, he realized it was her "sloppy as a pig" closet. Yeah, that can be me. It used to never be a big deal because whether it was laying things wherever I last used them or never recording an appointment, it didn't matter because my mind was always sharp. I always remembered where I last used the scotch tape and scissors and I always remembered when my next hair or doctor's appointment was (or just got lucky enough that these appointments had great reminders from my salon or doctor's office). Then there was a hiccup in the road... I hit my 30's! I just couldn't remember things like I used to. I'd lay things down, forget about them, then have to listen to my husband complain because he couldn't find anything. And with not being able to remember things like I used to that meant that I was letting everything get away from me. Not only my things but time too. Well after the Christmas 2011 disaster, I've vowed to never let this happen again - EVER!

What did I do the day after Christmas? I hit the bookstore to buy an engagement planner! (You didn't think I would do so before Christmas did you? Why pay $15 for a planner, when I only have to pay $7.50 during the After Christmas Sale!) I even bought one of the bigger ones (7" x 9") so that I'd have more room to jot down lists and other reminders plus it will be harder to misplace.

In less than 24 hours, I've added all of my family and friends birthdays, upcoming appointments, any plans that have already been made to be with family or friends, holiday and personal time off from work AND things to do around the holiday time.

So, in case you're still unsure, my New Year's Resolution is to become more organized. Not only to carry this engagement planner every where I go and follow it to a "T" but also to get my house in order. My other resolution is to start finishing some projects that have been in limbo for way too long. I'll keep you updated during my (mis)adventures.

So, I ask, what's your resolution?

Have a Happy and Egg-cellent New Year 2012!


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